TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Elastic and Durable

  • Shore hardness 86-90A,

  • Tensile strenght up-to 8MPa,

  • Elongation up-to 360%

  • Natural color white or black. Can be coated with various colors.

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PA12 Nylon 12

Strong and Flexible

  • Tensile strenght up-to 50MPa,

  • Elongation up to 16%,

  • Heat Deflection Temperature:161°C; 0.46MPa 

  • Natural color white or black. Can be dyed to other colors. 

  • Biocompatible, Skin contact, fire-retardant, glass filled versions available. 

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PA11 Nylon 11

Rigid and Bio-based

  • Tensile strenght up-to 45MPa,

  • Elongation up to 45%,

  • Heat Deflection Temperature: standard 176°C; 0.46MPa and up-to 189°C for CF version

  • Natural color white or black, 

  • Biocompatible, ESD, Carbon Filled versions available.

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