PA12/PA11/TPU parts 3D printed with SLS/MJF 

We specialize in providing individually customized parts through advanced 3D printing technologies.

Our 3D printing facility ensures fast turnaround times thanks to our own modern machinery park.  
We ship to all EU countries in 3-5 day s

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Our Specialization SLS Technology

We employ advanced SLS 3D printing technology, enabling precise and durable prints. This allows us to meet even the most demanding projects, delivering products of the highest quality.


Broad Range of Materials

We offer a variety of materials such as PA12 White, PA12 Black, PA12 FR TPU88A Black, and PA11 Black. With these, we can adapt to the specifics of your project, ensuring not only aesthetics but also durability and functionality.


  • Manufacturing of electronic housings
  • Custom parts
  • Prototypes
  • Anatomical model
  • Industrial components
  • Automotive components


    • Aesthetic components with PA12 properties
    • Electronic housings
    • Control panels
    • Prototypes
    • Automotive components
    • Industrial components
    PA12 FR

    • Components requiring high fire resistance
    • Fire-resistant 
      electronic housings
    • Mechanical parts
    • Components used in the chemical industry
    PA11 BLACK

    • Components requiring good mechanical strength
    • Gears and hinges
    • Electronic housings
    • Industrial components
    • Automotive parts

    • Flexible components
    • Seals
    • Vibration damping components
    • Cushioning parts
    • Cases
    • Covers

    How Does Your Ordering Process Work?

    Add to cart

    Upload your 3D Design into the cart. We support .stl, .3mf, and .step.


    Choose your material, technology, color, and surface finish. 


    Pay with a credit card, bank transfer,  proforma, or request delayed payment terms.

    Get Delivered

    Wait for your parts 3D to arrive.

    Enjoy design freedom 

    and accuracy 

    of SLS 3D Prints

    With SLS you can print as big as 300x300x560mm. Accuracy up-to 150μm. Recommended minimum wall thickness of 0.8mm and hole size as small as 1 mm.

    Learn more about the technology requirements.



    On demand 3d printing


    Manufacturing starting at 1€

    • Pay per part

    • Best for single parts

    • Order online (self-serviced)

    • Only PA12 and TPU

    Production 3d parts


       Manufacturing starting at 2k €

    • Pay per load

    • Best for series manufacturing 

    • Order through customer service 

    • ‘Exotic’ materials 

    • Custom post processing 

    • Custom quality assurance

    Industrial 3d printing


     Manufacturing starting at 5k€/month

    Monthly subscription best for high-volume

    Full deployment of SLS manufacturing cell will help customers with further improvement  of cost, lead-time and availability of parts 

    COMING 2024

    Why choose Us?

    Experience:   Our team consists of experienced professionals ready to tackle the most challenging tasks. 

    In-House Machinery Park:   We invest in creating our own 3D printers to provide services at the highest level and maintain control over the quality of 3D prints. 

    Dedicated Approach:   We treat each project individually, adapting to the client's needs and ensuring satisfaction with the results.