PA12/PA11/TPU parts 3D printed with SLS/MJF 

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Elastyczny materiał druk 3D


Thermoplastic Polyurethane 

Elastic and Durable

Starting from 2$ 

  • Shore hardness 86-90A,  

  • Tensile strength up-to 8MPa,  

  • Elongation up-to 360%  

  • Natural color white or black. Can be coated with various colors. 


Różne kolory wydruków 3D w technologii SLS

Evonik Infinam PA12 

Polyamide-12 / Nylon-12

Strong and Flexible

Starting from 1$

  • Tensile strength up-to 50 MPa,

  • Elongation up to 16%,

  • Heat Deflection Temperature:  161°C@0.46MPa 

  • Natural color white or black. Can be dyed to other colors.  

  • Biocompatible, Skin contact, fire-retardant, glass filled versions available. 


Wydruk 3D technologia SLS


Polyamide-11 / Nylon-11

Rigid and Bio-based

Starting from 3$ 

  • Tensile strength up-to 45MPa,

  • Elongation up-to 45%, 

  • Heat Deflection Temperature:
    standard 176°C@0.46MPa and up-to 189°C for CF version

  • Natural color white or black.

  • Biocompatible, ESD, Carbon Filled versions available.


Enjoy design freedom 

and accuracy

of SLS 3D Prints

With SLS you can print as big as 300x300x560mm. Accuracy up-to 150μm. Recommended minimum wall thickness of 0.8mm and hole size as small as 1 mm.

Learn more about the technology requirements.

Design Guidelines


On demand 3d printing


Manufacturing starting at 1€

  • Pay per part

  • Best for single parts

  • Order online (self-serviced)

  • Only PA12 and TPU

Production 3d parts


   Manufacturing starting at 2k €

  • Pay per load

  • Best for series manufacturing 

  • Order through customer service 

  • ‘Exotic’ materials 

  • Custom post processing 

  • Custom quality assurance

Industrial 3d printing


 Manufacturing starting at 5k€/month

Monthly subscription best for high-volume

Full deployment of SLS manufacturing cell will help customers with further improvement  of cost, lead-time and availability of parts 


Selective Laser Sintering

Is the industrial 3D printing method, where products are made layer by layer by fusing powder material particles with laser. In a single run it can produce hundreds of parts. It allows to achieve high accuracy, repeatability and throughput. It is ideal for bridge manufacturing, low and medium volume manufacturing. With SLS you can deliver projects with immediate supply chain responses, second to none leadtime, high quality assurance standards.


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