Below we present the key features design priciple for successful manufacturing 


± 0.15 mm and ± 0.15% of longest axis
if a=30mm, b=150mm 
expected accuracy:  ± 0,375 (0.15 mm + 0.15%*150mm)

Maximum bounding cylinder: dia260 mm  x h320 mm

Printing maximum bounding cylinder: 
                r=130mm, h=320mm
Color Dyeing maximum bounding cylinder:  
                r=135mm, h=170mm 

Wall Thickness: min. 0.8mm

Wire thickness: min 1 mm 

The wire length should be considered when designing such parts. We were able to successfully print and process wires 0.8mm thick and 10 mm in height.

Hole diameter: min 0.5mm

The wall thickness must be considered. The minimum hole size is 0.5mm at 1mm. To be safe 1:2 aspect ratio should be considered. I.e. for wall thickness 4mm the minimum hole should be at least 2mm.

Font size: min h=3.25mm/0.8mm

Minimum font height: 3.25mm Minimum embossing/debossing: 0.8mm

Surface detail: min. 0.2mm

Minimum embossing depth/height.  

Clearance: min. 0.5mm

Clearance is space between two parts of the model. A smaller clearance may cause the parts to fuse together.