SLS pricing examples
get a general feeling of the sls parts value

The SLS pricing is remarkably complex. Before providing you with the price, I analyze the part geometry, volume, bounding box, estimate the space that the part may take in the printing chamber and how difficult it will be to pack with other orders. That's why I always insist that you send me the 3D model before I'd provide you with a quotation.

However, I started to understand that sometimes you want a general feeling of the order of magnitude that a given part could cost. I present you with a few examples of the thingivers models that I've priced using our logic. I found “Squeeze Fun Ruggedized!”by GeorgeZSL to be a good fit for example as it has many parts of various sizes. Please be aware that these prices are only valid when writing this blog post. They tend to change over time. If you want to know the latest price you can download the files from thingiverse and upload them to your cart on


price: 0.79 EUR
file: pin_6x.stl
bounding box: 18.00 x 5.50 x 4.95 mm
weight: ~0.4g  


price: 1 EUR
file: Crank_Ruggedized.stl
bounding box: 38.94 x 12.77 x 6.00 mm
weight: ~0.8g


price: 1.53 EUR
file: gear_9.stl
bounding box: 16.38 x 16.14 x 32.50 mm
weight: ~2.1g


price: 1.64 EUR
file: gear_1020.stl
bounding box: 33.00 x 33.00 x 8.20 mm
weight: ~4.5g  


price: 1.75 EUR
file: gear_20.stl
bounding box: 32.81 x 32.81 x 5.00 mm
weight: ~3g


price: 2.14 EUR
file: gear_920.stl
bounding box: 33.00 x 33.00 x 11.00 mm
weight: ~2.1g


price: 3.00 EUR
file: handle_comfortable.stl
bounding box: 18.79 x 107.74 x 10.30 mm
weight: ~6.5g


price: 8.44 EUR
file: Turbine_Super_windy_but_dangerous_no_ring.stl
bounding box: 116.74 x 116.74 x 20.24 mm
weight: ~16g


price: 9.68 EUR
file: cover_comfortable.stl
bounding box: 54.81 x 163.60 x 18.00 mm
weight: ~14g


price: 17.05 EUR
file: base_comfortable.stl
bounding box: 54.81 x 163.60 x 15.50 mm
weight: ~21g


price: 31.80 EUR
file: turbine_tougher_but_more_wind.stl
bounding box: 116.50 x 116.50 x 19.20 mm
weight: ~24g

They printed a bird's beak and saved its life with a 3D printer.