Technologies that match the manufacturing of small batches.
How to select a production method for low-volume manufacturing?

Companies, especially new ones, often struggle to choose the best production method for their products. Low-volume batches are even more challenging. Selecting the right technology results in saving money and time. 

The simplest way to choose the proper method of manufacturing is to calculate the costs of the project. After comparing a few technologies, it can be determined which is the most cost-efficient. 

When it comes to low-volume productions it is essential to eliminate the tooling cost. There are technologies on the market that do not require tooling at all and it is probably the best way to start with those. 

Let's take a look at some production methods that are a good match for this type of manufacturing:

1. 3D Printing.
It has a wide range of materials is available. Complicated structures are not an issue.  Products are manufactured rapidly. 

2. Metal sheet bending & laser cutting.
The best fit for simple shapes that need metal material.

3. CNC machining.
Available for parts that are not too detailed. A wide range of materials, colors, and finishes.

 An alternative for these technologies might be Vacuum Casting. Unfortunately, this method requires tooling. It is cheaper than injection molding, so it can be considered as a proper choice. Ultimately, technology is being chosen depending on the production target, desired material, and budget.

How can your business profit from manufacturing small batches?
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